Of Eggos and Dragons: How ‘Stranger Things’ Explores Childhood Trauma

Stranger Things explores the healing process of three children with traumatic past experiences who may only begin their journey towards overcoming their troubled realities by indulging in gothic staples of childhood.


A Review of Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver

Entire scenes are built, guided and informed by Baby’s music, where every word, sound, action and camera movement is in accordance with the song playing. As such, the film itself becomes a choreography playing in visual details – the filmic equivalent of a modern ballet, with jokes and car chases. What more could you ask for?

A Review Of Disney’s Moana

The script is at best weak, and the story is overall predictable and filled with tired tropes which aren’t touched upon in a very new way, however, watching the immense work of talented animators, voice actors, and musicians build something truly artistic within these constraints is a definite joy.